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524 South Cooper-Main Studio
Memphis, TN 38104
816 South Cooper-MTY Too
Memphis, TN 38104


Knowledge, experience and commitment distinguish Shantih’s teaching. Her calm, down-to-earth demeanor endears her to Midtown Yoga students. Her classes are grounded in her ongoing study of anatomy and inspired by her love of movement.

“I believe that flexibility of the body brings flexibility of the mind, and that strength of the body builds confidence and creates courage both within the yoga practice and out in the world.”

Shantih’s ability to clearly relay fundamentals of the asana practice and to maintain a compassionate and supportive environment result in students that are among the most loyal at Midtown Yoga.

Shantih instructs the following:
  • Alignment Based Yoga
  • This class focuses on proper body alignment while practicing the traditional yoga postures.  Foundation level.

  • Vinyasa
  • Vinyasa means "flow" or merging movement with the breath. These classes focus on breathing and seek to move students through a sequence of postures as the breath flows in and out. Using this breath, heat or "tapas" warms the body allowing the practitioner to move deeper into postures and eventually deeper into their own personal practice. Vinyasa yoga increases strength, stamina and flexibility while calming and steadying the mind. This class style is inherently diverse and sequencing will vary with each instructor's personal flavor. Open level.

  • Partner Class
  • Come enjoy yoga with a partner! No experience necessary.

  • Hands Free Vinyasa
  • Quite literally, a yoga class that does not necessitate bearing weight on the arms. This series provides individuals with upper body injury or physical limitation the opportunity to reconnect to their yoga practice without concern about the oft-occuring traditional "vinyasa". Additionally, the class is an opportunity for individuals (sans restrictions) to experience a flowing class utilizing less customary ways in and out of postures. A number of modifications will be offered as we move through the sequences making it a good choice for students of any level.

    Takes place at Midtown Yoga in Studio B

    Cost: $50/$30 students
    Minimum of 6 enrolled students to make.