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524 South Cooper-Main Studio
Memphis, TN 38104
816 South Cooper-MTY Too
Memphis, TN 38104

Kathleen Hall

Kathleen is a yoga teacher, therapeutic body worker and certified body roller with a strong passion for guiding people to physical, mental and emotional freedom.  She has been learning and embodying the practice of yoga since 1992 when she first approached Buddhism and started meditation.  An eager student, she began with yoga in New York City in 1995 at Integral Yoga, and found that on the mat she could find release in her life from chronic stress, pain and illness.
After a decade of travel and moving throughout North America and studying an array of yoga styles, Kathleen landed in Memphis and became a certified yoga teacher through Midtown Yoga in 2008.  Recognizing and understanding the power of yoga, pranayama and bodywork in herself has helped her find deep empathy and intuition for her students and clients.  Kathleen wanted to dive deeper into the subtle physical body and how wounds and hurts of all kinds can be unwound and health restored through touch, movement and breath.  In 2010, she fell in love with John Barnes MFR and completed 6 JFB MFR seminars. In 2013, she became a licensed massage therapist  and now specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial release.  She is also a certified Body Rolling practitioner through Yoga Tune Up.  
Kathleen is known for her uplifting presence, her creative personal style, and the safe space she holds for her students.  She accomplishes this through a unique combination of asana, pranayama, body rolling and MFR which all work together to release tightness created by misuse, underuse, overuse, abuse and trauma.  Kathleen's passion and specialty is to empower people to take charge of their own health and equip them with knowledge  and techniques to shed fear and suffering from a variety of issues.

Kathleen Hall instructs the following:
  • Body Rolling 101
  • Learn how to release tension, stress, trauma and chronic pain from your body with different sized balls and rolling tools.  Body Rolling will leave you feeling lighter and more spacious.  It will increase your range of motion, heighten your body awareness and create better postural alignment.