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524 South Cooper-Main Studio
Memphis, TN 38104
816 South Cooper-MTY Too
Memphis, TN 38104

Brenna Owen

Brenna is an intuitive mover. After a lifetime of grinding away at the gym and in sports, she looked to yoga to find mobility and ease in her daily life. After practicing yoga for 5 years, Brenna knew it was time to take a step towards sharing the practice she loved. She has said "Yoga has given me the chance to be with myself in freedom. No expectations, no judgement, just tapping into my inner voice and finding balance. Balance is one of my biggest take aways, everything is just fine if it is in balance."   Before she completed her yoga teacher training at Midtown Yoga in 2016, she graduated from University of Memphis with a B.S. Ed. in Exercise and Sport Science. Brenna has completed collegiate level anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology with top scores. She has had received over 200 hours of instruction in AcroYoga and Acrobatics and has been performing and teaching since 2017. 

Brenna Owen instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • Vinyasa means "flow" or merging movement with the breath. These classes focus on breathing and seek to move students through a sequence of postures as the breath flows in and out. Using this breath, heat or "tapas" warms the body allowing the practitioner to move deeper into postures and eventually deeper into their own personal practice. Vinyasa yoga increases strength, stamina and flexibility while calming and steadying the mind. This class style is inherently diverse and sequencing will vary with each instructor's personal flavor. Open level.