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Kandace Stewart
Kandace is a lifelong dancer trained in classical ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, competitive cheer and Pom.  She came to yoga in search of balance and eventually decided to become a certified Yoga teacher.  She trained for her certification at Midtown Yoga and graduated from the 200 hour YTT program in December 2014.   Kandace is an avid runner and her vinyasa practice is often tailored for runners.  She has found the practice of yoga helps her with both recovery and breathing.  
Bliss Wood
Bliss Wood. M.Msc., LMT, RYT, is a Reiki Master, yoga instructor, and musician. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly 25 years. The author of the acclaimed book, Empowering Your Life with Yoga, Bliss has also produced some exceptional yoga and chanting CDs. Her holistic and artistic approach to health and wellness brings a uniquely personal experience to those who participate in her sessions, classes and workshops across the country. www.ChantDance.com
Brenna Owen
Brenna is an intuitive mover. After a lifetime of grinding away at the gym and in sports, she looked to yoga to find mobility and ease in her daily life. After practicing yoga for 5 years, Brenna knew it was time to take a step towards sharing the practice she loved. She has said "Yoga has given me the chance to be with myself in freedom. No expectations, no judgement, just tapping into my inner voice and finding balance. Balance is one of my biggest take aways, everything is just fine if it is in balance."   Before she completed her yoga teacher training at Midtown Yoga in 2016, she graduated from University of Memphis with a B.S. Ed. in Exercise and Sport Science. Brenna has completed collegiate level anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology with top scores. She has had received over 200 hours of instruction in AcroYoga and Acrobatics and has been performing and teaching since 2017. 
Kathy Fish

A financial planner, business owner, wife and mother, Kathy Fish is also a devoted yogini who relishes her early morning classes at Midtown Yoga. Her students are equally enthusiastic about their practice with Kathy.

“Yoga has helped me bring balance to a very hectic life. I know about multi-tasking, and am so grateful for yoga – and for the opportunity to share something I love with others.”

Kathy teaches with humor, compassion and grace. Her attention to the subtleties of correct alignment helps her students to both deepen and refine their yoga practices.

Jakie Vaz
Jakie Vaz started practicing Yoga 4 years ago. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Certification at Midtown Yoga in 2016. Jakie was always passionate about dance and fitness. She started her dance education when she was only 12 years old back in her home country – Brazil. She started practicing Yoga for the physical benefits of the practice but learned quickly the wonderful benefits of meditation and pranayama as well. She incorporates dance-inspired movements in her yoga classes. She is also passionate about teaching hot yoga classes.
Kristina Brack
Kristina’s journey began when a friend suggested to try yoga as an alternative way to seek relief from rheumatoid arthritis. She quickly realized not only the physical benefits from practice, but the mental and emotional ones as well. She dived fully into her practice, attending workshops and many classes a week. Within a few years of practice, she knew that she wanted to share this gift with others, and in 2015 completed her 200hr program through Midtown and also an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist certification through the Himalayan Institute in conjunction with Midtown Yoga. Her classes tend to focus on longer holds and dynamic sequences to allow you to be more present in the body. She also incorporates her love of sound through the use of crystal singing bowls in savasana.
Jonathan Steinberg
Jonathan is a Licensed Massage Therapist.  He has experience in Tui Na, Therapeutic/Rehabilitative and Swedish techniques which he has utilized in doctor's offices, PT Clinics, spas & fitness centers in NYC and the Virgin Islands.  After completing Two Souls Thai Massage training, he moved to Thailand to continue his education. 
Stephanie Congo
Stephanie Congo BS, RYT, EEMCLP has been studying various yoga styles for over 15 years. She is a Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Energy Practitioner.
Tegan Jemma
Tegan Jemma's love for the human body and movement strengthens her coaching where she teaches embodied awareness to link the mind, body and spirit. She leads student-driven classes in aerial yoga, vinyasa, fusion yoga, acrobatics, aerial conditioning and flexibility training. With 17 years of experience, she has taught movement all over the world in places like South Africa, Vienna, Britain, Canada and Mexico she holds certifications in yoga (RYT 200), aerial arts, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading/acrobatics. Currently, Tegan is completing a PhD at the University of Memphis studying yoga in educational psychology.
Misti Rae Holton
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." ~Hans Hofmann, abstract expressionist painter. Meditation, asana (poses), and yoga philosophy continue to help me in my recovery from the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional home. My childhood created in me codependent tendencies that manifest as people-pleasing, an overdeveloped sense of responsibility, excessive care-giving, and the desire to put on my cape and save the day. Yoga has been a huge part of my self-care practice, helping me to learn that although need is always there (need never ends), it's okay to take off my cape and roll out the mat. It's not only okay but it is encouraged! Self-care is a gateway to freedom. One thing that I want to share with my students is that we shouldn't take ourselves, and especially our yoga practices, so seriously. I, myself, enjoy a playful, joyful teacher that is also able to hold silence. This is what I am drawn to and this is the environment that I hope to create for my students. If we approach things with a lightness of spirit, we are more likely to be gentle with ourselves, be adventurous and have some fun! I encourage my students to make their practice their own, listen to their bodies and to not blindly follow my instruction or anyone else's. Come as you are and be you when you get here!
Amanda Joyce
Amanda is a native Memphian who has practiced yoga since 2008. What started as a tool to manage stress and anxiety rapidly grew into a passion for continual spiritual study and growth. She decided to pursue yoga teacher training to further this journey, completing her 200 hour training in 2016. Amanda's teaching style accommodates all levels of yoga and aims to provide a judgement-free, grounding and supportive environment for all to practice.
Hannah Pickle
Hannah has been teaching yoga since 2004.  Born into a spiritual and health conscious family, along with a lifelong love of movement and dance, finding the practice of yoga, at 24 years old, was like coming home.  Now, 41 years old, the passion remains the same, with the addition of more years of teaching and tools in her belt.
Hannah has spent the last 11 years studying in NYC and LA with her beloved teacher, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.  She is currently working on her Level 2 KRI Teacher's certification and also holds certifications with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh:  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training which she later had the opportunity to co-teach.
Hannah has also studied and taught Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.  She holds certifications with Shiva Rea's 200 hour Prana Flow Vinyasa Teacher Training, Hart Lazer's advanced Iyngar/Ashtanga Training at Midtown Yoga and Cyndi Lee's 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training program at Midtown Yoga.
Hannah recently graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition NYC.  She is Co-Owner of Raw Girls Memphis with her wife Amy Pickle and the mother of Land and Lila.
Hannah teaches Kundalini Yoga, her classes are a full course meal.  They are fun, challenging and inspiring for all levels of practitioner.  They include Kriya(physical practice), Pranayama(breath work), Meditation and Mantra(sound current).
Hannah brings her years of experience and absolute love for the positive and transformative gifts that come with the practice and discipline of Kundalini Yoga.
Shelby Luigs
Shelby was first introduced to yoga in high school, and although her interest was immediately piqued, she did not begin practicing in earnest until a few years after graduating from college when she began attending classes regularly at Midtown Yoga in 2013. She quickly realized the positive impact that yoga had on her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The practice became a place of solace. She completed the 200 hour YTT program at Midtown Yoga in 2017. She hopes to teach classes that encourage opening in the physical body and focused awareness on the breath, seeing the breath as the link between the physical body and the mind. She also hopes to continue to deepen her own practice and knowledge of the many aspects of yoga and its history, and bring the lessons learned from the mat into her life.
Michele Mallory

Michele first started her yoga journey as a runner looking to help soothe tight hamstrings and low back pain. She first practiced yoga with VHS tapes at home but finally got the courage to walk into Shantih’s Alignment Based Yoga class at Midtown Yoga and was hooked! After ten years of practice, Michele began teaching and completed her 200RYT in 2014 with Grow Yoga School/ Hot Yoga Plus. Michele’s teaching is both instructional and playful as she combines traditional postures and sequences with some creative choreography & music. Building flexibility is important, but strength is the focus of her flows. Michele lives in East Memphis with her husband, Brian, their two very active boys Luke and Henry, and their family dog, Minnie.

Jeanie Carcilli
Jeanie's passion is inspiration. She is inspired by exploring the full spectrum of life, whether this means circumnavigating the globe, making art, volunteering in the Peace Corps, drinking wine under the stars, exploring shamanism in the Andes, teaching languages, learning to cope with loss, making sincere connections, or practicing and teaching yoga. Jeanie first clicked with yoga when she began exploring yogic philosophy through classical texts, loving the emphasis on wholeness in yogic thought. Jeanie subsequently incorporated the practice of yoga into her life and as someone who also loves to inspire others, completed her teacher training at Midtown Yoga Memphis in 2015. She has spent the last two years teaching in tropical paradise on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, where she also developed her own unique style of yoga, Samadhi Yoga. Jeanie is a member of the Yoga Alliance and holds a RYT-200 certification. In her classes, she empowers students to start living oneness by integrating their practice into their everyday lives so that they can be inspired to live their own masterpieces.

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